The concept of social economy combines two terms that are often contrasted: "economy", which refers to the production of goods and services, and "social", which refers to the social profitability of a project. This social profitability transforms itself to the amelioration of the quality of life and well-being of the community.

The goal of the field of social economy is to serve the members of the community rather than simply generating profits. Economy social enterprises also tend to keep themselves independent from the state.  Its activities are centered around the principals of participation, support and individual and collective responsibility.

Dose Culture is, therefore, completely part of this social economy concept. Its activities serve the citizens directly (improv workshops, artistic frescoes, Help-Portrait) and revenues themselves are generated independently by the graffiti removal services for example. In other words, Dose Culture has no recurrent grant and can still function without these funds.

Overall, collective entrepreneurship allows the establishment of income generating projects and create jobs in the community. Needless to say, the consequences are entirely positive.



The Grand-Allée street, at Laflèche, announced itself very festive on the first weekend of June. Why? Not only to celebrate the summer, but mostly, to commemorate the neighbourhood, its shops and services. Inflatables, dance, zumba, music shows, makeup and a food zone; all these elements were enough to leave its hundreds of guests charmed.

Different kiosks were present, especially the ones of the Centre d'Action Bénévole de l'Arrondissement, of the Club Optimiste of Laflèche (who actually made many guests happy by handing out free hot-dogs), of the Scouts of the South Shore and of Folie Glacée.  On its side, Dose Culture ensured an atypical presence, nay eccentric , to the block party by presenting a three-dimensional anamorphic piece of artwork during the day. A result of a one day's work, Stéphanie Bérubé's anamorphic artwork caughtthe attention of many. For their part, the makeup and tattoo sessions were widely appreciated by the children and teenagers present.

Organised by the Club Optimiste of Laflèche, the Centre d'action bénévole of Saint-Hubert, the Caisse Desjardins Charles-LeMoyne, the Maison des Jeunes La Porte Ouverte, the Maison de la Famille, La Parentraide, the MAM organization and Dose Culture, the block party unfolded in a very festive environment, where the citizens had the change to taste a few local products and learn about the services available to them. 


By the diversity of activities and quality of organisation, the Laflèche Block Party was able to entertain its guests and promote the neighbourhood's remarkable services. 


On Saturday June 13, the Skatefest of St-Hubert, an annual skate competition, was held for the 6th year in a row. Allowing teens to rival against other skateboarders in a friendly and festive environment, that is the goal for its organizers. For six years now, these festivities follow one another, gaining popularity year by year. 

Photo credit: Étincelle Photographe 

Photo credit: Étincelle Photographe 

Although it is mainly a skateboard competition, we did dedicate part of this event to a graffiti competition as well, the Graffest. Organized by yours truly, the Graffest offers artists the opportunity to take part of a competitive artistic event along with notorious and respected artists. This year, a total sum of 2000$ was awarded, which 800$ went to Fabrice Caron, the winner of the Graffest. 

Artwork by Fabrice Caron, winner of the Graffest 

Artwork by Fabrice Caron, winner of the Graffest 

Dose Culture also suggested an interesting activity for the younger audience: a series of workshops aiming to initiate kids to graffiti. Highly on demand, the training sessions, which lasted about an hour each, were quickly booked.  Led by Axe, graffiti artist associated with Dose Culture, the sessions were so well-structured and interesting, that the students could not stop listening. The positive response to the Graffest proves that the youth is fascinated and passionate about graffiti. Surely, a next one sounds promising! 


Retirement houses and graffiti... The idea of joining both may seem eccentric. One thing is for sure, skeptics will be confounded, as the famous saying states.

Under the mandate of the Cherbourg 2, a retirement house located in Brossard, Dose Culture created a mural, which was greatly appreciated by the project manager. Eager to offer a colorful piece recalling the waterfront right next to the building, the wall was carried out under the sea theme of the St. Lawrence, a theme that deeply pleased the residents.

Hard work, perseverance and tenacity have certainly been put into the realization of the project. Due to its height, the structure demanded a considerable amount of physical effort and constant energy. Several steps were necessary to carry out the project, starting with the removal and the recovery of the bottom paint. Then came the establishment of the main elements and details, filling and adjustments. From rain to good weather, the work of the fresco was done in a creative and challenging spirit.

Undoubtedly, the week of work was duly rewarded by the smiles of residents, visibly pleased with the Dose Culture mural.